Philomena Lee Project

What is The Philomena Project?

The Philomena Project is a fund to provide finance to Adoption Rights Alliance to achieve the goals set out below.

Six Goals of The Philomena Project:

Philomena Lee

1 – Raising public awareness in Ireland and, the United States and around the world internationally on the issue of forced and illegal adoptions in Ireland and denial of access to birth certificates for Irish adopted people OR efforts to reunite families with the advancement of open records legislation in Ireland.

2 – Launch a petition and a donation page to garner support for the Philomena Project and its efforts to reunite families separated by forced adoptions. 

3 – Establish The Philomena Project as a fund to support Adoption Rights Alliance to continue and expand their ongoing research that exposes the demand for adoption information and tracing services in Ireland, as well as to help to quantify this demand.  So little is known and there has been so little attention, this information will be used to show the Irish government and Supreme Court there is need for this legislation, and for the data to be a resource for additional efforts and research into this matter.

Philomena Lee visits her son Michael's grave

4 – With adequate funding by the Philomena Project, Adoption Rights Alliance will build the infrastructure and provide ongoing support networks for families wishing to trace their relatives by bringing on board people with the knowledge and experience in this arena.

5 – Adoption Rights Alliance needs to establish a top legal team to challenge the Supreme Court ruling of 1998 and research the legal arguments for a test case.

6 – The ultimate and most important goal of the Philomena Project is the release of the documents and the reunification of families that were separated by forced or illegal adoption.


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